Doctors believe eating your boogers strengthens your immune system

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Attention parents! The next time you see your child putting a finger in his nose and digging the booger, you might not want to stop him or scream at him! Why? Because an intelligent Canadian biochemist is coming up with a new theory, which proves that when you pick your nose and eat the boogers, you actually boost the security powers of your immune system! Wondering if you just read the right thing? Yes you did!

Erwin Soo/flickr

Erwin Soo/flickr

The CBC News in Canada states that the biochemist is putting all his efforts to conduct a study to prove his point. The associate professor of biochemistry at the Saskatchewan University, Canada, Scott Napper, came up with this theory when he saw that the class, he was teaching in, was completely bored in the lecture.

He states that since all the kids try to put the booger in their mouths, there are chances that the nature forces them to try this behavior and get along well with it.

When he saw that the classroom did not pay attention to him, he brought their attention by saying why the booger tastes so sweet. The class nodded agreeing to his comment. He then realized that it is probably the sweet taste of the booger that tempts the body to eat it and that’s exactly how the immune system gets the information from all that it contains.

Irina Polikanova/wikimedia

Irina Polikanova/wikimedia

Napper believes that it may be because of consuming the pathogens covered in mucus that the immune system learns what it has around its existence. He also commented to CBC news that this is perhaps the only reason why his two daughters simply do what they are meant to do with the boogers in their noses.

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Just like Napper, there are many other scholars and scientists who support such hygiene hypothesis, wherein they say that when the kids are exposed to infections and germs at an early stage, their immune systems are developed in a much better way.