10 Things Women are Usually Better at Than Men

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1. Starting fights


Now this is one thing you women are better at than men. Anyhow a woman will always be the one who starts quarrelling; you seldom see men hounding at each other without alcohol.

2. Breast feeding children


Women are biologically given this job from nature. No matter how well a man tries, women will always beat them to it.

3. Managing things around


Experts are of the opinion that women are better listeners, motivators, multi taskers, problem solvers and also more disciplined. This is why they make better bosses and good people at managerial positions.

4. Living longer

old women

Among those who are over the age of 100 at present, 85% are women, according to a study conducted by a New England Centenarian. In general as well, women tend to live at least 5 to 10 years longer than men.

5. Fighting off influenza

Sick Woman

When it comes to fighting colds, women have a secret weapon called Estrogen. It keeps them protected overall, which is why they have an edge over fighting common colds. Estrogen confronts a certain kind of enzyme in their body which stirs up their body’s first line of defense against infections and bacteria.

6. Eating Healthy


A survey was conducted with over 14,000 participants by the University of Minnesota, which concluded that women choose healthier food over men. This is quite a known fact– look at all the mothers at home. They are always trying to feed you broccoli.

7. Sharing problems


Women are known for being talkative, this is no shocker. But yes, this trait also helps them to talk through their problems. A recent survey revealed that 53% of the women actually talk to their friends about the stress in their life, as opposed to only a mere 29% of men. The other 71% said they go to the pub and talk about baseball instead.

8. Shopping


This is a no brainer. Women have magical imaginations that somehow find every piece of the mall fitting in their wardrobe!

9. Battering at interviews


A recent study conducted by the University of Western Ontario showed that women are actually better at managing the stress of an interview. They may get stressed out before an interview, but they actually perform better when they are put on the spot – better than the men! They are apparently better prepared than the opposite gender when it comes to an interview.

10. Being hygiene conscious

hygiene conscious

Recently a study was conducted upon the workspace of men and women; and from that, it was concluded that men’s spaces had more bacteria and germs than the women’s workspace – at least 10 to 20 percent more, to be specific. It leaves no doubt that women are the more hygienic gender.

image credits : pixabay

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