10 Astonishing Facts about Humans Which Make us Special

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1. Natural hair color but rare

hair color

Those whose natural hair color is red fall into the rarest group you will see around. If you don’t have this special trait, maybe you can still find some other things that can set you apart from the crowd.

2. The ability to Stand Upside down


But we do share this special talent with one another animal – that is the elephant. We’re the only two mammalian animals who can stand upon our heads.

3. Generating electrical impulses


Our human brain generates more electrical impulses throughout the day than all the telephones of the world combined.

4. Smoking kills you, so does a leech


It is dangerous for the leech to drink blood of a smoker. So keep your eyes open if you live near a locality that has leeches by any means. Or, you can choose between a leech and a smoke.

5. Capacity of the human brain


We have about 4 terabytes or more than that of storage capacity in our brains. In fact, by the end of our lives we can remember at least 150 trillion bits of information.

6. Americans and Asians see things differently


This is true in terms of science. According to recent studies, the color of the vision is dependent upon the race. The Europeans for example, are more sensitive to the red color in general and can distinguish between different tints of red quite easily.

7. A ball point is enough to kill us

ball point

Every year around 100 people die by choking on the ball point pen.

8. You think donkeys are safer than an airplane?


News Flash: every year more people die or are killed by donkeys, than they die in an airplane crash.

9. Living longer


Those who write with their right hand live much longer than those who right with their left. In fact, they live 9 years longer on an average.

10. The way you sneeze


When you sneeze, most of your body functions take a pause– even your heart stops beating for a while and even your eyes close down too. Next time when you sneeze, take a time to notice all this.

image credits : pixabay

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