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Burn Calories By Watching Horror Movies

horror movies
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A new research states that when you watch a horror movie, you may burn off a bar of chocolate!


If you are a fan of horror movies, you may be already well-maintained and quite active; is that correct? On the other hand, if you are a little overweight and want to lose weight, you can always try to see a few horror movies and find out if they are bringing fruitful results to your weight loss program.

According to a new study, when you watch a horror movie of 90 minutes, the adrenaline-pumping terror burns up to 113 calories for you, which is actually equivalent to the amount of calories you burn when you walk for 30 minutes and it is also equivalent to the calories in a chocolate bar.

The Shining, which is a psychological thriller, was the movie played for this research; even though it wasn’t the only one. This 1980 movie topped the list of the calorie-burning movies and the viewers were seen to burn up to 184 calories.

Jaws, the evil shark movie, took the spot of the runner-up; the viewers burnt 161 calories when they watched this movie.

The Exorcist, the movie that still gives everybody goose bumps, took the third place in the rank; the viewers that watched this movie burnt 158 calories.

This means that you if see all the three movies back-to-back in a day, you can burn a hell lot of calories without moving even an inch off that sofa!

This study on total energy spent on ten people while watching frightening movies was done by The University of Westminster. The heart rate, output of carbon dioxide and the intake of oxygen were recorded by the scientists as the viewers saw these movies.

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horror movies

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