A Woman sues Google for showing her underwear on Street View

woman sues

Google is a widely used search engine. Almost every individual knows about it, including the little kids. If you are a regular user of Google, you surely know that there are ways for you to enjoy the Street View Function, which displays what’s around on a particular street.


Just when she saw her underwear displayed on Google, the Japanese woman’s embarrassment provoked her to sue the company; the images were taken off as soon as the suit was claimed. She has sued Google for 4,588 pounds or 600,000 Yen to have displayed her images of undergarments. Even though her name has not been revealed to the media, it has been said that she was extremely stressed by seeing the images. Those were so offensive for her that she feared of being a victim to some sort of a sex crime in future.

But this is not the only reason behind her suing the company; due to the display of her images on internet, she had become a laughing stock for everybody at work and her company expelled her from the job at a local hospital. The embarrassment forced her to leave her owned apartment, in which she lived alone at peace.

She suffers from obsessive-compulsive disorder, which was triggered even more when she saw the images. This is exactly what her suit claims against the company. Thus, for losing her job, name, house and her dignity, she sued the search engine giant as a compensation for her emotional stress.

image : pixabay

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