Monkey as Waiters in Japan

monkey as waiters
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Now this is what we call customer service at its best!

Every restaurant has to do something different to enhance the experience for its customers; this restaurant has simply ‘nailed it!’ A restaurant in Japan has uniquely transformed the face of the concepts of customer service and customer experience by hiring two monkeys as waiters!

As unusual it sounds, the feeling of being attended and served by pretty animals, like monkeys, is completely different. The Kayabukiya tavern, which is an extremely traditional ‘sake house’ in the northern part of Tokyo, has employed two pretty monkeys, who not only serve the customers, but also entertain them by their uniforms.

The names of these playful monkeys are Yat-Chan and Fuku-Chan and they are always ready to give their best to the customers at the restaurant. But no matter how playful they appear to the eyes of the visitors, these monkeys are quite professional! They are trained in such a way that they first attend the guests, take their orders, give them their drinks and food and then finally land on their resting tables, where they feast on their favorite beans!

The 12 year old Yat-Chan knows how to please the crowd and is adored by all the customers; in fact, most of the visitors state that he is the best waiter, who knows how to serve them in the best and the most entertaining way!

Takayoshi Soeno, one of the customers at this restaurant, stated that the monkeys are far better waiters than a lot of the ‘rude’ humans.

Thanks to such wonderful responses, the owner of the restaurant is now training three baby monkeys. Keeping in mind the Japanese Animal Rights Regulations, these monkey waiters do not work for more than two hours in a day.

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