In 1998, Sony accidentally sold 700,000 camcorders that had the technology to see through people’s clothes.

In the year 1998, Sony had accidentally sold around 700,000 camcorders that were built with the technology to let you see through the clothes of all those you recorded. There were special lenses used in these camcorders; they had infrared light (IR) that could let you see through a few kinds of clothes. It generally worked on dark colored clothes and fabrics that were thin; one could easily see through swimsuits.

The Night Vision Mode:

These camcorders were any way not meant for the ordinary digicam lovers, they were designed and created for those that liked the night vision camcorders. After learning about this issue in the camcorders, Sony recalled all the products. However, this did not stop the issue right there.

The night vision camcorders that were released after fixing the technology could still be improved or altered to get the see-through-clothing functionality back. A lot of people altered the technology and used it for ugly purposes. Several articles have been written on this technology and the camcorders that were released back then.

So how safe are you when someone is taking your video in the night vision mode?

via liveleak, abcnews 

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