Meet Annette Kellermann, the Woman who was Arrested to Dress in a Swimsuit!

annette kellermann
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Ladies and gentlemen, it is time for you to know about the first woman who dressed in a swimsuit and was arrested for her indecent clothes on the beach – yes – we are talking about Annette Kellermann (6th July 1887 – 6th November 1975).

Annette Kellermann
Image credit :Bain News Service, publisher

About Kellermann:

Annette Kellermann
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Kellermann was a wonderful professional swimmer; she was an Australian vaudeville star, writer, business owner and actress. She was one of the first women who wore a bathing costume that was just one-piece. During those days, even the professional female swimmers wore pantaloons. While pantaloons were accepted as swimwear for the ladies, Kellermann wanted to wear something in which she felt comfortable and beautiful. She inspired the other ladies and her costumes became so popular that she started with her very own fashion line of one-piece swimming costumers.

Kellermann was one of the ladies who popularized the sport of synchronized swimming; she penned down a swimming manual as well. She starred in various movies, most of which had aquatic themes like A Daughter of the Gods, a Hollywood production in which she appeared completely nude. The lady was also an advocate of health and fitness. She believed in being naturally beautiful all throughout her life.

More about Kellermann:

Annette Kellermann
Image credit : Bain News Service

Kellermann gained popularity because of the kind of stunts she did in her movies; she dived from a ninety-two feet height, straight into the sea and also into a pool of crocodiles. She had also acted in a movie named The Mermaid, which she called ‘a fairy tale.’

While the other ladies were dressed in pantaloons, Kellermann did not feel ashamed to wear a one-piece swimsuit and get on the beach to practice her swimming skills. She was arrested on Revere Beach, Massachusetts, as her clothes were said to be indecent for the crowd. Despite the controversy, she ensured to continue with the costumes she felt comfortable in.

Kellermann was a vegetarian, who lived a very healthy and fit life. She died at the age of 89 on 6th of November, 1975. She and her husband, James Sullivan, never had any children. A year before her death, she was honored by International Swimming Hall of Fame at Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

If you are a woman and you are reading this right now, make sure you thank this lady, who designed awesome swimming costumes for your gender!

Annette Kellerman was one of the 1st women to wear a one-piece suit instead of a dress and pantaloons for swimming. She wore this to the beach in 1907. They arrested her for indecency.

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