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The Middle Finger of Galileo

The finger is an irony; it is kept in a shrine even though it never belonged to any saint. The long, bony finger belongs to the church’s enemy, the heretic; it belongs to someone who never believed in something that the others did! Just like you wait long enough to get the most wonderful wine

Ignaz Semmelweis – Savior of Mothers

From paper soaps to hand sanitizers, from liquid soaps to anti-bacterial tissues, there are hundreds of things that we do to keep our hands clean, because we now know the importance of keeping the germs away, especially from our hands. We know that when our hands are clean, we prevent different diseases and stay healthy,

Bishnu Shrestha, Hero Gurkha Soldier

Who says you need an entire team of soldiers to save someone’s life? If you have the power in your heart and the strength in your mind, there is nothing that can stop you from doing a good deed. On 2nd September, 2010, Bishnu Shrestha did something that the others couldn’t. While he was traveling

Lawrence Gordon Tesler, The Inventor of Copy and Paste

Ever Wonder Who Invented Copy and Paste? Meet Lawrence Gordon Tesler, popularly known as Larry Tesler, the computer scientist, who has always been working hard in human-computer interaction field. Born in the year 1945, this man has worked in companies like Amazon, Yahoo!, Apple and Xerox PARC. He grew up in NYC and completed his

Ordinary Miracle – A Fairy-Tale School in Russia

There’s a school in Russia that looks like a castle. It’s called the “Ordinary Miracle School.” Ordinary Miracle may be the name for the new Secondary School no.5, Yoshkar-Ola, Russia. However, the school is not an ordinary one! It looks like all those classic fairy-tale schools that you get to see in different old English

Shakuntala Devi, A “Human Computer”

Shakuntala Devi was known as the “Human computer”, a woman who could calculate anything even faster than the computer. She was born in Bangalore to an orthodox Brahmin Indian family. Her father worked in the circus: sometimes he was the rope walker, other times he was the magician. He taught Shakuntala all his tricks. One fine

Woman saves man from suicide with a kiss

A teenage girl from China became an overnight hero when she saved a man from committing suicide by implanting a kiss! Liu Wenxiu is now a known name across the country, but it all started at the Shenzhen mall in Guang Province, when Liu noticed a mass had gathered around to see a guy. She

Slip into high heels and become a smart buyer.

Wondering why you are unable to bargain at different shops? Want to be better in negotiating with the shopkeepers? Do you wear high heels? If you don’t, you must, since high heels help you bargain in a much better way! This is not something that we say; it is something that the study has found.