Nearly half of the population of Britain is suffering from Nomophobia in which a person is phobic without his or her mobile phone.

suffering from Nomophobia
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Do you feel uneasy when your phone is out of your reach?

suffering from Nomophobia

According to a new research, it is found that around half of the population of Britain is suffering from Nomophobia. This is a “no phone phobia” in which a person feels afraid without cell phone. According to the research,it has also been found that women constitutes more percent as a victim to this phobia as compared to men. In Britain, people are so much dependent upon cell phones that it is very rare that they get away from their phones.

The popular internet security firm, SecurEnvoy, recently conducted a study to understand how addicted people are to their phones. According to this study, people feel extremely stressed when their phones are not by their sides. The study also stated that this has been noticed in younger people, more.

Nomophobia is the term given to this fear, which means no phone phobia. The study was conducted in the United Kingdom on 1,000 people. Approximately 66% of respondents showed that they felt extremely restless when their phones were not by their sides.

According to Michael Carr-Gregg, the famous adolescent Psychologist, Melbourne, there are a lot of people, who get panic and anxiety attacks when they don’t find their phones. There are others that get extremely restless and anxious while searching for their mobile phones.

The survey states that the younger the person, more prone he is to get addicted to his phone.
Three major things that lead to nomophobia are: loneliness or depression, boredom and insecurity or possessiveness, says Carr-Gregg. He also added that a lot of his clients have a habit to carry their phones even when they are in bed. Some of them can’t sleep without responding to their friends or loved ones. He says that mobile phones have replaced teddy bears that the little kids once carried to their beds.

However, the Teddy Bear couldn’t communicate, but the phone can help in communicating and hence, people are in love with these devices. But being in love with something is different and being addicted to it is different; since people are addicted to their phones, it can cause a lot of problems to them in their lives.
According to Gregg, without phones, nomophobia would not exist!

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suffering from Nomophobia

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suffering from Nomophobia

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