Clinophobia, The Fear of Going to Bed

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Kevin Rutherford/wikimedia

Clinophobia, also known as somniphobia or hypnophobia, is a fear of going to bed. There are a lot of reasons behind this fear; those, who go through the problem of constant or repeated nightmares, are often afraid to sleep; there are also a lot of people, who fear loss of control while sleeping, since there is no one, who can control his body, emotions, mind and brain while sleeping, and this is what scares them the most due to which they are quite afraid to go to bed.

So how do people with this fear, live?

They keep themselves busy doing different things. They make sure that they are so accompanied by different tasks that they have no time to sleep or they don’t have to force themselves to go to bed.

How do you know if you are Clinophobic?

Here are the top ten symptoms:

  • Your mind is often confused
  • You go through shortness of breath
  • You often have a dry mouth
  • You avoid sleeping
  • You sweat a lot in fear
  • You are often panic without any specific reason
  • You go through abnormal ‘heart palpitations’
  • You have nausea
  • You tremble a lot
  • You feel sleepy, all throughout the day

Via wikipedia, common phobias, medicinenet

Image courtesy : Kevin Rutherford/wikimedia

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