The Middle Finger of Galileo

The finger is an irony; it is kept in a shrine even though it never belonged to any saint. The long, bony finger belongs to the church’s enemy, the heretic; it belongs to someone who never believed in something that the others did! Just

This Chicken Breed Has WEIRD Legs!

If you think you’ve seen enough weird things in life, you are yet to witness the legs of this chicken breed. You may have seen weirdest animals, but nothing like this for sure! This is freakish and gives you goose bumps as well. This

The Colored Pebbles of Lake McDonald

Here’s a new poem: Lake McDonald had some stones, E-ya, E-ya, O, And all the stones were colorful, E-ya, E-ya, O! This may sound funny to you, but not to the people who’ve been to Lake McDonald! United States’ Montana has the Glacier National

Ignaz Semmelweis – Savior of Mothers

From paper soaps to hand sanitizers, from liquid soaps to anti-bacterial tissues, there are hundreds of things that we do to keep our hands clean, because we now know the importance of keeping the germs away, especially from our hands. We know that when

The Bloodwood Tree: This Tree Bleeds!

Kiaat, Muninga and Mukwa are the three different names given to Pterocarpus Angolensis, the tree found in southern parts of Africa. It is popularly known as the Bloodwood tree because of the kind of dark red colored liquid it produces from its wood. When