7 Scientific Health Benefits of a Standing Desk

standing desk
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If you sit too much, you are risking your health and this is no joke at all :

People who tend to sit constantly for a longer period of time go through health issues like heart diseases, diabetes and have a risk of dying early. Moreover, if you sit for a longer duration, you barely burn calories and thus, it links to gaining weight as well as obesity. (1, 2, 3, 4)

©Angus McIntyre/wikimedia

Most of the office workers go through this problem because they are expected to sit down for most of the time in a day. Therefore, the concept of a standing desk has been introduced after understanding its various benefits.

All you need to know about a standing desk:

A standing desk is nothing but a stand-up desk that lets you work comfortably while standing. You are not provided with any chair to sit and work, when you have a standing desk to work on. There are several versions of such a desk and they are adjustable. The height of the desk can be changed so that if the workers are tired of standing for a longer time, he can adjust the desk, grab a chair, sit and continue with his work, only to stand again after a few minutes.

This is what a height-adjustable or sit-stand desk is all about!

Even though there has not been a lot of research on such desks, it has been proven that if you use a standing desk, you observe impressive health benefits leading to increased productivity at work.

If you use such desks, the one thing you enjoy is staying away from going through harmful effects of sitting constantly for several hours.

There are several health benefits of using a standing desk out of which the top seven are mentioned below:

  • The more you stand, the lesser weight you gain; you stay away from obesity:
    No doubt you need to exercise to lose weight, but if you don’t sit for long, you don’t put on extra weight or turn obese.
  • A standing desk allows you to bring your blood sugar levels down to normal: A study proved that those who stand or walk after every 30 minutes have a reduced blood sugar level.
  • There are fewer chances for you to go through heart diseases:A study stated that the bus conductors who stood all day long didn’t go through heart diseases, but their colleagues occupying the driver’s seats were prone to such issues.
  • If you go through the problem of back pain, standing desks are all that you need: Every individual goes through the problem of back pain, but the moment he is exposed to the concept of standing desks, he feels much better. Again, a study was conducted to prove this fact.
  • Your mood, as well as energy levels, is boosted if you use standing desks: A 7 week study was conducted to learn about how stress affects people who are seated at work the entire day. It was found out that the ones who worked using sit-stand desks lowered their feelings of fatigue and didn’t feel a lot of stress on their heads; the group’s mood remained positive and their energy levels were quite impressive.
  • Your productivity is boosted if you use standing desks:There are absolutely no negative effects of using standing desks; in fact, it has been observed that an individual’s productivity increases the more he stands and works.
  • It is said that people who stand more, live longer: This is not something that we say; this is something that research says. Research states that decreasing the sitting time increases your life.

h/t : authoritynutrition

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  1. It’s great that you mentioned how a customized standing des allow you to bring your blood sugar levels down to normal. I’ve mostly been working at home while sitting on a chair and I think it is making my body really stiff. I want my body to feel better overall so I should probably try using a standing desk.

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