7 Health Benefits Of Drinking Coffee

Health Benefits
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7 Strong Health Benefits of Coffee You Probably Didn’t Know

1. Coffee is an essential source of anti oxidants and nutrients

The coffee beans are actually very rich in vitamins and minerals. Of course, the final drink also contains a good amount of these. Typically, each cup of coffee contains:

  • 6% RDA for Vitamin B5
  • 3% RDA for Manganese and Potassium
  • 11% RDA for Vitamin B2
  • 2% RDA for Niacin and Thiamine

This suggests that coffee is the number one source of anti oxidants in our daily diet nowadays.

2. Coffee improves brain functioning


Yes, coffee helps you keep awake – take a hint from that. How many times have you noticed getting better work done after having coffee? Caffeine, the active ingredient in coffee actually helps improve brain functioning. We have an inhibitory neurotransmitter called Adenosine in our brain, which gets cleared by caffeine. Hence, our nerves are on fire when we’re on coffee! This means an enhanced memory, better mood, and improved general cognitive functioning.

3. Coffee helps burn fat

As already mentioned caffeine acts as a stimulant and affects the central nervous system. This in turn enhances our metabolic rate which also causes the fatty acids to get oxidized. It also helps suppress your appetite for some time, but the effects are not permanent. It is not a miraculous fat burner, but it can truly be complimentary to any weight loss method you’re using.

4. Coffee lowers the risk of Parkinson’s & Alzheimer’s disease


Coffee improves memory and as your age increases, coffee can really help keep your neurons charged up – resulting in the delay of diseases like Alzheimer’s. Several studies over the years have confirmed that coffee can lower the risk of Alzheimer’s and dementia by about 60 percent. It may also reduce the chances of Parkinson’s by about 32 to 60 percent.

5. Coffee is a boon for your liver


Several studies have shown that coffee can reduce the risk of cirrhosis and actually end the liver damage at that stage by about 80 percent. In fact, coffee lowers the risk of liver cancer by about 40 percent.

6. Coffee reduces the risk of getting Type II diabetes

A research suggests that drinking three to four cups of coffee per day reduces the risk of type II diabetes by 25 percent. However, scientists were not able to correlate the relation between coffee and this type of diabetes.

7. Coffee helps fight signs of depression

Coffee acts as a stimulant, but it also can help lower your risk of getting into depression, a research says. In fact, scientists conclude that drinking three to four cups of coffee might actually reduce your chances of getting depressed by 10 percent. In this case, the researchers suggest that such mood lifting effects might be because of the anti oxidants present in coffee.

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