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A study has found that Happiness can affect your genes in a healthy or unhealthy way depending on what causes you to feel pleasure

Happiness can affect
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A recent study states that your genes get either get healthy or unhealthy, depending on what triggers you to enjoy pleasure. Such a study has never been conducted before and people are surprised to see the results.


According to the United States researchers, not all sorts of happiness are good for health because human bodies can sense at the molecular level and find out what kind of happiness is good for it and what kind is bad.
The researchers found out that different kinds of happiness have different kinds of effects on the genome of the humans. Even the researchers were quite surprised with the results.

It has been observed that individuals with increased levels of eudaimonic well-being, which is nothing but a type of happiness that’s achieved by those, who understand the meaning of life and the reason behind their existence in the world, portray amazing gene-expression profiles. Their immune cells are far better than the others around them.
They are observed to have decreased levels of inflammatory gene expression, but strong expression of antibody as well as antiviral genes.

On the other hand, individuals with increased hedonic well-being, which is a type of happiness that’s achieved by those into consummatory self-gratification, show the total opposite thing.
They are observed to have adverse expression profile that has increased inflammation and decreased antibody as well as antiviral gene expression.

At present, Steven Cole, who is a professor of medicine at University of California, Los Angeles, along with his colleagues and Barbara L. Fredrickson from the University of North Carolina, are working to find out how the human genome answers to fear, stress, misery and other such negative psychology.

However, the study that has already happened was to find out the human genome’s answer to positive psychology.

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Happiness can affect

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Happiness can affect

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