During Pregnancy, If The Mother Suffers Organ Damage, The Baby in The Womb Sends Stem Cells to Repair the Damaged Organ.


Who said it is only the mother that can heal her child? The child possesses the qualities of healing too. In fact, even when it is unborn, it can heal its parent.

During pregnancy, a woman passes all her food and nutrients to the child through the placenta attached to both the mother and the child. This also includes the proteins stored in the blood so that the child develops immunity and can fight diseases on its own.

To prove this, a study was conducted where the rats acted as the subject. The female rats which were chosen were the ones who had never mated before; and they were mated with male rats – whose genes were altered to make glowing protein. As a result of this, the offspring which were produced also showed this protein making trait in them.

Now there was another consequence which was noticed after this – the female rats showed the quality of developing the green glowing protein inside them. Since they did not have this ability before, it can be concurred that this particular ability must have been passed on by their fetuses.

In fact, during the research, the female rats were artificially given heart attacks while they were pregnant. Once they died after two weeks, post-mortem reports were generated on them.

These post-mortem reports showed that the female rats had the green glowing protein in the heart and the blood vessels. The most wondrous thing is that the protein was found in the exact place and the pathway to the organ which was damaged. It wasn’t found in any other organ.

So, the doctors concluded that the fetus was able to send stem cells from its own body to its mother. In fact, it sent its stem cells to heal the mother’s damaged organ. This is basically how the stem cells help heal and repair the mother’s body during her pregnancy.

However, this research is yet to be conducted on humans. But a recovery was noted in a specific condition that occurs during pregnancy. It is known to doctors as peripartum cardiomyopathy. 50% of women recover from heart failures spontaneously during pregnancy.

Peripartum cardiomyopathy has the highest recovery rate for reasons that are yet to be known.


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