A California based company introduces a daily smart pill that helps you in remembering all your passwords.

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Along with wearable technological items, there’s something now that can literally be consumed – a smart pill that is designed to travel through your body, remember all the passwords and then come out of your body without being digested. Of course, it is an indigestible pill, which is designed for the sake of password authentication and other minor works.


This technology has been designed and developed by Redwood City’s (California) small company called the Digital Health Systems. This simple technology may sound very complicated to you, but it is not. As it travels through your body, once you introduce it to yourself, it is programmed in such a way that it remembers all your passwords and is able to perform a few tasks.

The Smart Pill:

According to Google’s executive chairman, Eric E. Schmidt, people will voluntarily take such pills that have a microscopic robot right inside of them. This robot wirelessly transmits all that is happening. The pill it connected to a mother ship to which everything is reported. It monitors every single pattern of the user, including his or her movement as well as rest.

Side-Effects of the Pill:

Now the big question is – will this pill have any side-effects to the health of the individuals? To your surprise, this pill has been designed to transmit health related details as well as data to the physician of the user. It has been designed with miniscule transmitters and sensors and it also performs different actions like closing or opening the door of the garage and filling the passwords on computers.

At present, each pill costs $46 and is available for individuals to purchase and use. It takes approximately 24 hours for this pill to pass through the body of the consumer. The pill is recovered and some of the individuals also prefer recycling it for reuse.

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