Plants do complex mathematics calculation throughout the night in order to avoid starvation.


London: Did you know plants get into complex calculations during nights, just to survive and avoid starvation?


You read it right – according to a new study, plants get involved in Math to ensure that they have sufficient food to avoid starvation all throughout the night. The new research has proven the fact that to survive through the night, plants do accurate division to store enough reserves, so that they are alive to see the dawn, the time when they start with their food-making process.

Most of us know about the process of photosynthesis in which the plants use the energy from the sun to transform carbon dioxide into starch as well as sugar. Just when the sun goes down and the moon rises, they start depending upon the reserves that they have to see the next dawn.


John Innes Centre’s scientists have proven that the plants make exact adjustments to the rate of starch that they consume or need to consume at night. These adjustments are accurate enough to help them live, when they don’t have the sun to give them enough energy. Since they are able to pass through the entire night, they are bound to make accurate calculations for the sake of their productivity and sufficient reserves.

At night, the mechanisms in the leaf start measuring the amount of starch stored, estimating the time period until the arrival of the next dawn. Just like we have our own body clocks, so do plants.  This is exactly how they understand about the time, due to which they divide the reserves that they have and distribute the same to live and survive to see the morning.

By the first ray of the sun, approximately 95% of the starch is all used up by the plants.

Image courtesy : pixabay

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