Researchers found that plants talk to each other by making "clicking" sounds.

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And you thought those little green leaves couldn’t understand what you say so loudly?

Now, you better watch your words! If you think you talk secretly to your friends or loved ones in the garden, it is time for you to know that they are listening. All those houseplants can probably hear and understand each and every single word that you say near them. This may seem like just another science-fiction or fantasy theory to you and it probably is.


However, according to the latest research done by The University of Western Australia, all the plants, which you are surrounded by, connect with each other through their roots and hence, can pass all the messages that they understand or they wish to.

Dr. Monica Gagliano, the UWA Postdoctoral Research Fellow, has discovered something unusual about our green friends; it has been found that the plants not only react to the sounds that are made in their surroundings, but also talk to each other with some sorts of ‘clicking noises.’

Since quite some time, gardeners have believed that music affects the quality and growth of all the plants. Now, Dr. Gagliano’s research, along with the University of Bristol’s Professor Daniel Robert and University of Florence’s Professor Stefano Mancuso, states that the young plants not only emit, but also react to some peculiar sounds.

This research has been published in Trends in Plant Science, which is the leading international journal. It concludes that this discovery, which talks about plant communication, needs to go through some serious investigations to be proven true. This is because there are several gaps in this research, which need to be filled to get to some sort of a proper conclusion.

As of now, start talking to your plants, who knows, they might respond with their clicking sounds?

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