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This 6000 Year Old Hollowed Tree has a Bar Inside!

6000 year
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Nature is the best architect you would ever find in your life; no matter how much you learn, you can never beat what nature can do to this planet; it has some of the best designs for the mankind.

Sunland Baobab Tree, Limpopo, South Africa1

You may have seen different types of trees, but this one is surely special – it is called Sunland Big Baobab and it is located in South Africa. It is the most unique tree you would ever see in your life. Why? Because it is not an ordinary tree; it has a whole bar inside of it! It is a type of tree that’s found in hot and dry savannas of Africa and is around 6,000 years old.

Sunland Baobab Tree, Limpopo, South Africa4

According to the site’s explanation, baobabs become hollow from within, when they turn a thousand years old. In this huge tree, there are beautiful caves and caverns, where the popular Baobab Tree Bar relaxes people and welcomes them for an amazing indoor space of 13 feet. You may think that it would be uncomfortable for a lot of people to get inside of this bar, but this tree can gather up to 15 people at a time!

Sunland Baobab Tree, Limpopo, South Africa3

The bar is not only well-constructed, but also well-maintained. If you go through different pictures, you realize that there is absolutely no reason for you to not visit this place. It may seem like a small and compact bar to you at first, but the moment you look at the way it has been maintained, you can’t wait to visit it.

Sunland Baobab Tree, Limpopo, South Africa2

Even the surroundings of the tree have been maintained nicely to welcome all those, who wish to drink and eat inside the tree-cave. This is surely a world-famous bar, which you must visit at least once in your life.

Image Courtesy: South African Tourism/Flickr

Via : bigbaobabmymodernmet

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