Swans only have one partner for their whole life and if their partner dies they could pass away from broken heart

Swans have only one partner for their entire life.
image : wikimedia
Swans have only one partner for their entire life.
image : wikimedia

Swans have only one partner for their entire life. If their partner dies, they could in fact die of heartbreak.

Relationships have always been an integral part in the life of human beings. A person comes to be in a number of relationships in his life; like, a relationship with parents and relationship with loved ones. However, not just human beings are engaged in sharing their love and relationships; but even some other living things share such relationships as well, which the human beings cannot even dream of.

Swans are the creatures which have only one partner for their entire life. They mate with the same partner till the bond is broken either because of death or if any partner is preyed. They are purely the symbol of true love.

The scientists from Slimbridge found that swans, the members of monogamous species could pass away from a broken heart if their partner dies and they don’t find any other partner unless they are widowed. In a study made on swans, it was found that they get another partner after some time of their being widowed or they mourn the death of their partner.
Not only this, swans being the most loving creatures are the most aggressive too. They take really good care of their eggs and young ones. In 2001, a man in Ireland had his leg broken by a swan when he was trying to provoke it.

The world has become modern; all the people moving around the face of the world find it difficult to make time for their loved ones, which is the major cause of separation. However, relationships like that of swans are found one in a hundred or thousand. The swans can teach us a lesson to live a life with love!

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