The mind can be made young by playing computer games.

Wolfgang Lonien/wikimedia
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From the time computer and computer games have come into the picture, a lot of people state that they are doors to staying unhealthy because there is absolutely no physical movement involved in the activity of playing a computer game. However, there are other people who believe that computer games make your brain healthier.

Wolfgang Lonien/wikimedia
Wolfgang Lonien/wikimedia

Improving memory with the help of computer games:

There are different kinds of games that can be played on your computer; people believe that some of the computer games are designed to boost memory power in some or the other way.

According to the new Special Health Report of Harvard Medical School, people who are into computer games may notice a boost in their ways of handling different tasks, but the overall development on their brain skills like memory, language usage, navigation ability and attention is not noticed at all.

The concentration in computer games:

No doubt you have to concentrate a lot when you play computer games, but none of the studies have been able to prove that the games increase the capability of an individual to remember important dates, names and appointments. In fact, despite playing games for a long period of time, most of the people are not even able to remember faces correctly.

Your mind needs exercises, just like your body does too. You have to indulge your mind in problem solving, thinking and intellectual stuffs so that you can easily remember everything that you want to. Unless you do specific workouts for your brain, it is quite difficult for your brain to remain younger, no matter how many computer games you play every day.

So try involving your brain in new goals to keep your brain healthier.

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