Download Knowledge Directly to Your Brain, Matrix-Style

Download Knowledge

Scientists from Boston University are developing a “Matrix like” technology that will let us upload/download knowledge directly into our brain. Learning a martial art, how to fly a plane or how to speak a new language without even being awake is set to become a reality, say researchers.

Researchers are now able to hack into the leaning process, which exists in the human brain. This process is induced by different brain patterns. Each one of these brain patterns creates a learned behavior for the human. Even though it is not as advanced as instant downloading to the brain, this is still a very important finding. Thanks to this finding, a lot of new doors can be opened to the human brain. This research can lead to a lot of rehabilitation and teaching techniques for the humans.


With the help of future therapies, the human brain can be decoded. The researchers state that a musician’s or an athlete’s brain activities can be jotted and used as benchmarks for helping another individual learn an extremely new activity. This may seem like a simple thing, but it is surely not! There is a huge study behind this and the pattern of every brain activity is different.

This research has been conducted by Boston University and ATR Computational Neuroscience Laboratories’ scientists in Kyoto. They used a peculiar functional magnetic resonance imaging to learn the entire process that they wanted to learn about. When they examined the brain aptitude of an adult, they noticed that the repetitive training enhances the performance of an individual on specific task that he needs to learn. As of now, there is a debate going on whether the adults can take up to this process as good as the young people can.
The authors of this study stated that the participants can be taught to have a control on a specific region of the brain; they need to learn how to control the activation of this region. Activation of different regions influences each other in different ways.

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