Unkai Terrace : The resort on the clouds.

If you have always thought of eating and drinking on the clouds, The Unkai Terrace is made for you. This is located in Japan’s Tomamu Resort; it is said to be a magical place right above the clouds.


All you Need to Know About The Terrace:

This resort is on the Hokkaido Island and is said to be an extremely unique scenic spot for all those looking to experience heaven in front of their eyes. The formation of beautiful clouds make you believe in the existence of paradise and take you to a whole new world. Unkai is translated as the Sea of Clouds and it is the most attractive place that delights the eyes of all the visitors.

How To Visit Unkai Terrace:

You are taken to the terrace with the help of a gondola. No doubt the fare of gondola is pretty expensive, but it is worth that money you pay. You have to pay around $20 for the gondola; the moment you sip hot coffee on the carpet of clouds, you feel like there is nothing else that you would ever want to do. People visit this location over and over again, despite the expensive rates.

H/t: Snow Tomamu