The Colored Pebbles of Lake McDonald

Lake McDonald
© Cody Wellons/flickr

Here’s a new poem:

Lake McDonald had some stones,

E-ya, E-ya, O,

And all the stones were colorful,

E-ya, E-ya, O!

This may sound funny to you, but not to the people who’ve been to Lake McDonald!

United States’ Montana has the Glacier National Park, which shares its boundary with Canada. It has more than 700 lakes due to which it appears spectacular to the eyes of the tourists or visitors. Out of all the lakes you see in this location, only 131 have been named. Around 200 lakes are more than five acres in size and a few of them exceed thousands of acres. Such an enormous size is quite strange for mountain lakes, but they do exist.

© Cody Wellons/flickr
© Cody Wellons/flickr

Lake McDonald:

Out of all the gorgeous lakes you have in this location, Lake McDonald wins your heart. What’s the special about this lake? No – it is not the ordinary breeze that makes you smile by caressing your hair, no – it is not even the smell of the wet sand that fills your lungs and makes you feel content, but the colorful pebbles that stare back at you and make you fall in love with them.

©Jinrui Qu/flickr
©Jinrui Qu/flickr
Lake McDonald
©Alaina McDavid/flickr

The Beautiful Things:

Lake McDonald has these cute colorful pebbles, which are seen in abundance. They are on the park’s western side. This lake is one of the largest lakes in Glacier National Park. It has a surface area of more than 6,800 acres. It is also the longest lake out of all the other lakes in this location. It is more than 15 kms in length and 141 meters in depth. However, the lake is so clear that you see the pebbles like they are just a foot down your approach.

Lake McDonald
©Ron Kroetz/flickr

How about visiting this lake and collecting some gorgeous stones for your kids?

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