In Denmark, You Get Paid to Go to School.


In the United States , students pay more than $60,000 every year to attend lectures at college and get graduated; in Denmark, the students get paid by the government to go to college!


Program Policy

The Washington Post states that according to the Statens Uddannelsesstotte program, all the Danes above 18 are eligible to get funds from the state for around six years for their post-secondary education period. Students, who don’t live with their parents, get around 5,839 Danish Krones, which is around $900 every month to attend college. The best part is that they don’t have to pay it back to the state. In fact, the students, who perform better in their education, are showered with more funds.

While most of the American students study or get educated at the mercy of the national tuition arms race, the Danish students have the liberty to choose their subjects, courses and also their career path, depending upon what makes them happy. They don’t have to go through any financial planning or stress. If they want to get educated, they are free to do so and with all the help from the government.


The main motive of this support scheme is to make sure that the social stand of the students does not push them away from getting educated. Even if some of them are not economically strong, they have the potentiality in them to learn and do different things in their lives, which, in turn, helps in the progress of the state and the country, as a whole.

According to the state, the potential students that have the abilities to get educated must be pulled to the colleges, so that they get groomed by the courses that they wish to learn. Thanks to this support scheme, the Danish government is now motivating most of the students to enroll themselves for the courses they like.

Image courtesy : BaroBert/wikipedia

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