Writing Down Your Worries Before Taking An Exam Can Help Clear Your Mind And Boost Your Test Scores

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If you write down all of your anxieties just before a stressful situation, like an exam or speech, it is bound to enhance your performance, states a new study.


What does the study state?

According to this study, if you want to boost your performance, you have to focus on clearing your mind. When you write down your stress or anxiety, all of your worries disappear and what you are left with is a crystal clear mind. It is a very simple act, wherein you have to jot down all the things that are running in your mind.

Researchers state that the technique is extremely powerful and if the students, appearing for an exam do this before their paper, their performance will boost and their result will show an increase of up to 20%. When you are worried, your mind is blocked with anxiety and fear. When you jot down everything on a piece of paper, you are relieved of your stress.

According to Professor Beilock, working memory, which is the brain’s processing power, goes through a lot of pressure when you are under a stressful situation. This working memory is nothing, but a notepad that keeps filling with all the thoughts that you have. Just like good thoughts, you have stressful thoughts as well that cause this working memory to fill up with a lot of anxiety.

How was the study conducted?

To test this theory, 20 college students were recruited and they were made to appear for two different Math tests. While they were not made to write anything before the exam during their first test, half of them were told to note down their fears and anxiety before appearing for their second exam. In fact, a stressful situation was created for them so that their performance was noted.

While the first group had a drop in their marks for their second test, the group that wrote down their fears before appearing for the test scored well.

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