A Chinese Couple Sold All Their Three Children For Their Urge To Play Online Video Games

Chinese Couple
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The gaming industry has boomed and raised its bar to meet the demand as well as expectation of the players from different corners of the world. There are so many games on the internet that you can easily play and entertain yourself with.

Video Games

But how good is it to be addicted to games?

Li Lin and Li Juan have been accused of selling all of their three children to pay for their video game addiction. Since they wanted to pay off their bills at the internet cafes, they kept selling their kids, one by one. Sanxiang City News, the Chinese paper, and ABC News Radio picked up the entire story and informed the audience that the couple met in an internet cafe in the year 2001 and were below 21, back then.

Game Politics stated that things turned ugly when, in the year 2009, both the partners decided to sell off their second child, who was a girl, for $500. Since that worked like a miracle for them, they checked what they could get for their very first child, who was a boy. Apparently, they sold him for $4,600.

What happened to their third child?

ABC states that when the couple had their third child, they went on with the same process and earned $4,600 by selling him off, too.

It was quite difficult for the father’s mother to understand where all the money was coming from. Therefore, she exposed their strategy and reported her son and his girl. The couple claimed that they did not know that they were breaking any law.

This is not the first incident when gaming addiction has turned out to be so bad for the parents; a mother in Japan killed her three year old because the baby threw her gaming system.

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Chinese Couple

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Chinese Couple

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