5 men were trapped up on a tree by sumatra tigers for 3 days.

5 men were trapped up on a tree by sumatra tigers for 3 days.

You may love wildlife, but when it comes to vicious animals like lions and tigers, you get a spine chill. Sumatran tigers chased five Indonesian men, who remained trapped in a tree for four days to hide themselves from the beasty animals. The sixth man was dragged to death by the tigers.


The most shocking thing is that the Sumatran tiger is the smallest tiger in the world and there are only 400 to 500 alive in the wild. On Thursday, four tigers were surrounding the tree’s base after their first attack on the same day.

The Actual Story:

Before you conclude by stating that the tigers are beasts, it is time for you to know that the humans ‘accidentally’ killed a tiger cub. The men entered Mount Leuser National Park in the northern section of Sumatra Island on Tuesday. They were in search of rare incense wood, which is quite expensive and a lot of men take the risk of digging through the forest to get the same.

To protect themselves and to get food, the men had set traps for antelopes and deer, but ended up trapping a tiger cub and killing him. To take revenge, four tigers surrounded the men and killed the 28 year old boy named David. The other five ran towards a tree and hid themselves to keep away from the attack of the angry tigers.

Update on the Story:

Thirty rescuers reached the base of the tree to rescue the trapped men, but returned after looking at the vengeance in the eyes of the tigers. More rescuers will be sent soon and if the tigers are still seen under the tree, they might have to be sedated or shot to help the five people breathe the air of freedom again.

Image via pixabay


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