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Vietnamese Man Slept Next To Dead Wife for 5 Years

dead wife
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Shocking, but true, this Vietnamese man loved his wife so much that he actually slept next to her dead body for a long period of time! It may sound creepy to you, but I am sure he loved his wife a lot and has been missing her, since the time she has left him alone in the world.

Man Slept Next To Dead Wife

After the final rituals of his wife’s dead body, he decided to take it out, use clay to make a female mannequin out of it and use the figure to get the pleasures he received from his beautiful wife.

Man Slept Next To Dead Wife1

He was so attached to his wife that he could barely bear the thought of living away from her. However, since death is inevitable, he couldn’t protect her from the cruel hands of the Grim Reaper, who sucked her soul out of her body. But this did not stop Le Van from loving his wife. He decided to do something to feel her presence all the time around him.

Le Van lives in the central Quang Nam province. At present, he not only has his dead wife with him, but also their only son, whom he adores.

Reports state that Van could not cope up with the death of his wife and hence he slept next to her grave, after her death in 2003. For a long period of time, he slept in the tunnel he had created next to her grave. It gave him immense pleasure and peace to know that she was still next to him, even after being physically apart. But as soon as the neighbors came to know about this practice, he was stopped.

However, in 2004, instead of going to his wife’s grave, he decided to bring her home!

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dead wife

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dead wife

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