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Applying a Male’s Underarm Sweat to a Female’s Lips can Help Women Relax, Boost their Mood and Help Regulate their Menstrual Cycle

underarm sweat
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underarm sweat

Strange but true!
Apart from artificial fragrances such as deodorants, aftershaves and hair gels, it has been scientifically proven that the best way to attract a woman is via the natural scent of the body, majorly sweat.

A new research displays that male pheromones, a chemical substance released into the air which affects the behavior and physiology of the opposite sex, can turn on a woman and is able to rapidly increase the discharge of a hormone that controls the menstrual cycle.

To carry out the study, the researchers applied men’s underarm secretions onto the lips of 18 women ranging from 25-45 years of age. None of the women were aware of the fact that the extract on their lips was actually men’s sweat.
The women were then asked to rate their moods on the basis of 6 hours of exposure. Results convey that they felt relaxed and out of tension.

Charles J. Wysocki, a researcher at the University of Pennsylvania, says:
“Much to our surprise, the women reported feeling less tense and more relaxed during exposure to the male extract.”

The above study apparently concluded that the chemical released by males causes hormonal as well as physiological and psychological changes in females.

However, the only thing that resists women from the effect of sweat is the contraceptive pill. It is because the hormones in the Pill stop women from responding strongly to natural signals of attraction.

In the regulation of the menstrual cycle, the hormones become larger and more frequent as a woman approaches ovulation. And it was found that exposure to male odor shortened the arrival of the next hormone stream by 20 percent.

So, the smell men actually cover by sprays of fragrance is the smell demanded in reality!

image credit : David Shankbone/wikimedia,

References: sciencedaily, webmd, cnn

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underarm sweat

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underarm sweat

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