The ice found at fast food restaurants is mostly dirtier than toilet water, and this was shown by the science project of a twelve year old!

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When Jasmine Roberts found this disturbing result for her project, she did not expect people to give so much of attention to her research work. She won an award for the middle school science project, but that did not stop the appreciation she got for her work; the project caught the attention of various scientists and researchers. The project found some terrifying results that proved the fact that 70% of the times, the ice used in fast food restaurants was way dirtier than the water in the toilet.


The Project:

Jasmine Roberts is a 12 year old girl, who collected samples of ice from five different restaurants in South Florida. She took the samples from the drive through windows and self-serve machines present inside the restaurant. She then took the samples from toilet from the same restaurants. After bringing the samples together, she tested each and every one of them to find out the amount of bacteria present. She tested the samples at the University of South Florida.

In various cases, the little girl found that the ice had E. coli bacteria. This bacteria comes from the waste of humans and has been a cause for several diseases and illnesses in the country.

The Alarm:

According to Dr. David Katz, this is nothing new because most of the people already know that they are eating ugly things at the fast food restaurants. However, what she did is create an alarm for the entire country so that the unaware people are alarmed about the things they are eating and drinking.

The girl got the idea for her project when she read a newspaper article on the presence of bacteria in the water in airplanes. She knew she had to do something similar to crack a good grade at school.

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