A women had a heart attack on plane, when stewardess asked if there is a doctor on board, 15 stood up, they were on their way to cardiology conference.

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When a 67 year old grandma suffered from a sudden heart attack on a flight, a stewardess could not stop herself from asking if there was any doctor on the plane. Within a few seconds, 15 different cardiologists offered their help to her. They were traveling to a conference that was specifically designed to understand and discuss about heart diseases.

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The Story of Mrs. Fletcher:

Mrs. Dorothy Fletcher from Liverpool collapsed within minutes due to the severe chest pain and breathing difficulties. She was flying to Florida for the wedding of her daughter. When the passengers sitting next to her saw her absurd restlessness, they talked to the stewardess, who ran through the entire flight seeking help. Announcements were also made on the plane to find out if any doctor was traveling with them.

According to Mrs. Fletcher, the survivor, the doctors were very helpful; they came forward to save her life and the way they all rushed was something that she would never forget. When the doctors came to her, she was in an extremely bad condition and did not know how to handle her pain and restlessness. However, the experienced and well-skilled doctors calmed her down and helped her to cope-up with the pain and difficulty in breathing.

The Unknown Helpers:

Mrs. Fletcher also stated that her daughter was with her and she felt extremely happy to see so many doctors standing up for her mother. The only thing Mrs. Fletcher regrets is knowing nothing about the doctors because she desperately wanted to thank them. The only thing she knows is that they were flying off to Orlando for some medical conference and that was the only reason they were traveling together.

All we can say is that Mrs. Fletcher was really lucky to find help in her crisis.

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