Did you know that MI6 Agents Once Hacked Al-Qaeda’s Website And Replaced Bomb Making Instructions


MI6 and GCHQ launched the cyber-warfare operation in an attempt to prevent al-Qaeda from recruiting “freelance” terrorists with a new English-language online magazine.

British intelligence agency hacked an Al-Qaeda online magazine and replaced bomb-making instructions with a recipe for cupcakes. When the followers downloaded the magazine, they realized that the instructions to Make a Bomb in the Kitchen of your Mom, were nothing but garbled computer code.

A few months ago, a webpage published the recipes of The Best Cupcakes in America. This was published on the Ellen DeGeneres chat show. The same code was entered by the British Intelligence hackers and they were successful in finding what the AQ was up to.

The original magazine’s recipe has been written by Dulcy Israel; it has been produced by Main Street Cupcakes, Ohio. According to the original magazine, The Best Cupcakes in America recipes have the power to take you back to the memories of your childhood. They leave you indulged as well as satisfied with the taste of the cupcakes that you get to make all by yourself in your kitchen.

On the contrary, the AQ magazine published a recipe that showed how to create a lethal pipe bomb with the help of a miniature lightbulb connected to a timer, a few match heads and some sugar. The Britsh as well as US Intelligence have planned their own strategies of attacks, after finding out that the magazine was about to be released.

Image courtesy : Selma Broeder/wikimedia


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