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Teeth Can Be Made From Urine



Chinese researchers have found something that nobody else have found till date – they have used the cells in urine to create structures, which actually resemble the teeth of a human! The major reason behind their research is to find a way to build a base for the tooth bud, which could be used into the patient’s jaw. Even though it sounds gross, this research has the power to change the History of the human denture!

This experiment has been published in Cell Regeneration journal. In this experiment, the researchers took the stem cells and transplanted them into mice; they were surprised to see that they were able to grow teeth. When they researched further, these teeth showed a lot of qualities possessed by the human teeth. According to Medical News Today, these qualities included pulp, elasticity, dentin as well as enamel-forming cells.

Even though a lot of people are not going to like this research or may be shocked to know about teeth made from urine, the research would bring a major difference to the world. There are chances for the bacteria in urine to contaminate the cells or destroy the oral hygiene, but the researchers are now trying to find ways to use the cells, without allowing the bacteria to hamper the human mouth.

As far as this experiment goes, I am unsure about its success. Even if the researchers do come up with something like this, there would only be a handful of people interested in getting the teeth, made from urine, fixed into their mouths. Personally, I would never want to go for it, even if Science promises me to make things better for my oral hygiene. What do you think?

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