Awesome invention by High school girl : Washing + Exercise Machine Works without Electricity


How does exercising while washing clothes sound to you?

Yes – you read it right! Now the entire world is going to be after this high school girl’s idea, who has invented something that is not only going to help people lose weight, but also save electricity and money!

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Remya, who is a high school girl from Kerala, India. She was always forced to do laundry, especially after her mother fell ill. When she got frustrated with the daily chores and the dirty laundry, she decided to do something different.

Since she hated washing clothes by her hands, she invented a pedal-powered washing machine at the tender age of 14!

This machine looks like an ordinary exercising cycle, which you generally get to see at the gym. It has an aluminum cabin with a horizontal cylinder, which is made of iron net. The pedaling system connected to the cylinder has a cycle chain, pedals as well as a seat to sit. Once the clothes are filled in the cylinder, detergent needs to be added along with water. After a few minutes, all you need to do is pedal the cycle to wash the clothes!

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