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Football Team Dies Due To Lightning

Yes – you read it right! An entire football team has been killed by lightning. All the eleven members in the football team died being struck by lightning. According to the Congolese newspaper, the bolt did not hurt the other team members, but it did kill every single member of one football team. But that’s

10 OMG Moments Caught on Camera

1. Plane Crash Caught on Camera A routine skydiving session went horribly wrong when an airplane went crashing down. The worst part is that the plane along with five skydivers collided with another aircraft with a 3-member diving party over Northwest Wisconsin. However, the helmet cams of the divers remained on when the accident occurred,

Woman Cheated On Husband After He Donated Kidney To Her

The woman who cheated on her husband after he had donated his own kidney to her. Dr Richard Batista married Dawnell Batista in 1990. This man wanted to prove his love for his wife; he donated his kidney to her. Now, the reason behind her life is, in fact, her husband. Even though Dawnell survived,

Did you know that MI6 Agents Once Hacked Al-Qaeda’s Website And Replaced Bomb Making Instructions

MI6 and GCHQ launched the cyber-warfare operation in an attempt to prevent al-Qaeda from recruiting “freelance” terrorists with a new English-language online magazine. British intelligence agency hacked an Al-Qaeda online magazine and replaced bomb-making instructions with a recipe for cupcakes. When the followers downloaded the magazine, they realized that the instructions to Make a Bomb

5 men were trapped up on a tree by sumatra tigers for 3 days.

You may love wildlife, but when it comes to vicious animals like lions and tigers, you get a spine chill. Sumatran tigers chased five Indonesian men, who remained trapped in a tree for four days to hide themselves from the beasty animals. The sixth man was dragged to death by the tigers. The most shocking

Vietnamese Man Slept Next To Dead Wife for 5 Years

Shocking, but true, this Vietnamese man loved his wife so much that he actually slept next to her dead body for a long period of time! It may sound creepy to you, but I am sure he loved his wife a lot and has been missing her, since the time she has left him alone