Football Team Dies Due To Lightning

Lightning is 5 times hotter than the sun.
Image : wikipedia

Yes – you read it right!

An entire football team has been killed by lightning. All the eleven members in the football team died being struck by lightning. According to the Congolese newspaper, the bolt did not hurt the other team members, but it did kill every single member of one football team.

Lightning is 5 times hotter than the sun.
Image : wikipedia

But that’s not all about this news – at this match in Democratic Republic of Congo, thirty more people got burnt due to this lighting. According to Kinshasa daily newspaper, it is believed that some sorts of charms or spells came together in the form of this bolt and hit the entire team. In simple words, the local people believe that the entire team was cursed, due to which they all died together.

To the media’s surprise, the second team survived with absolutely no problem at all. None of the other team members were hurt and there was nothing observed on their faces, except for the expressions of severe fear. No doubt they feared what they saw right in front of their eyes; since it happened in the middle of the ground, they couldn’t react in any other way to what they saw.

So what do you feel about this? Do you think that the local people have the correct belief? Was the entire team cursed or was it really some spell that caused them to lose their lives to the sharpness of the lightning bolt? Was it just a coincidence that the entire team died together?

Well, even if it was mere coincidence, there are a lot of things that prove the local people’s belief correct – the most important thing is that the other team did not get hurt at all and the people, who got burnt by the lightning bolt, are also not very seriously injured.

source : bbcindependent

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