A man who was blind and deaf was struck by lightning, and after that, he could hear and see again.

Lightning is 5 times hotter than the sun.
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This is one of the best ‘accidentally cured’ incident I have ever come across in my life; in the year 1980, Edwin Robinson of Falmouth, Maine, had been living his life with a lot of difficulties. This 62 year old man had been blind and deaf for around nine years. Due to a severe head injury caused in a collision with the tractor trailer, his seeing and hearing senses were affected. But the story doesn’t end there; he wasn’t meant to live his life like that forever!

Lightning is 5 times hotter than the sun.
Image : wikipedia

One fine day, he was looking around for Took Took, his pet chicken. Suddenly, he was caught in a lightning storm; maybe God had some other plans in his mind for him.

Instead of returning to his house, he swung his aluminum cane to find a cozy shelter for himself underneath a huge tree at the backyard of his house. This was perhaps the best decision he could take at that point of time, since returning home in the terrible storm was difficult.

No doubt, the aluminum cane and the huge tree shelter were too tempting for the storm to control its witty nature; he was struck by lightning, which blew his hearing aid and darkened the grass around him. He was knocked out for around 20 minutes. After regaining strength and consciousness, he managed to crawl back to his house and rest.

After a while, when Edwin finally woke up, he realized that he could see; it was neither a peripheral vision nor a blurred one. This was not the only blessing he got from surviving the lightning; after 35 years of baldness, he observed growth of hair on his head.

Well, this just makes me say that lightning fixes everything!

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