Mushroom That Tastes like Chicken

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There’s a mushroom called Laetiporus that grows in the wild throughout much of the world and tastes like chicken.


Laetiporus is commonly known as the chicken of the woods, is an edible, bracket fungi. It is also called as the chicken fungus or chicken mushroom. The reason behind this is that it really tastes like chicken. These are known as “Chicken of the Woods” because those who eat it claim it tastes just like chicken.

You can find these mushrooms in woody areas, generally survives on dead or living oaks. These can also be found on several other trees like cherry wood, yew, willow and sweet chestnut. The mushroom is widely found in Europe and North America.

It is healthy to eat those mushrooms and one can prepare it like chicken and will work as a good substitute. In several regions of Germany and North America, it is a very delicious food item.

But one should not confuse it with the lyophyllum decastes that is also known as the ‘fried chicken mushroom’, which tastes like faint radish.

Image Credit : Laetiporus cincinnatus (Morgan) Burdsall, Banik, & Volk (14061)

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