The University of Victoria states offers a course in the science of Batman.


Batman Science: A brand new course from the University of Victoria


If you ask an individual about his first superhero, s/he will start thinking for a while and would most probably say “Batman”. In the year of 1939 the superhero was created and it is successful even now with a slew of TV shows, film sagas and comics.

Besides these, the most interesting thing is that the University of Victoria is offering a course that is named as “The Science of Batman”.

The University’s main motto is explained below:

The human body can be pushed beyond the limits as The Batman is a good example for this. Through this Science, we can let the human body tolerate a lot of pain, injury, exercises, adaptation, concussion, musculoskeletal injury and more mental stability. So, the Batman is a very good example that can be used to test human potentials and it can increase the tolerance power of a body both mentally and physically.

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