Textaphrenia, An Unusual Disease Found In Teens

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And you thought sending and receiving text messages or SMS is a harmless activity? Think again!


A study states that being in the text message process could cause three major disorders:

  • Short-temperedness or anger
  • Sleeplessness or restlessness
  • Uneasiness

Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Medical College (MGMMC), Indore, conducted a survey on 150 young adults falling into the age group of 18 and 25 years. According to this study, those, who loved being involved in the process of SMS (Short Message Service) suffered from constant fear, uneasiness, restlessness and short-temperedness.

According to Dr. Sanjay Dixit, the Head of Department, the youths indulging into texting or sending and receiving SMS to each other are turning into victims of unusual fear and chronic depression. 47 percent females and 39 percent males accepted that the SMS process has become a part of their daily life. Approximately 60 percent of the youth feels that this habit has also started affecting their studies. 45 percent of males and 40 percent of females also confessed that they could not get sound and peaceful sleep due to their texting habits. Even at nights, they are indulged in texting activities with their friends or lovers.

When no reply is received for their text messages, 55 percent of the youth gets upsets, whereas 32 percent feels rejected, assuming that there is absolutely no one for them and nobody wants to be in touch with them. Approximately 93 percent turns restless when they don’t receive any response for their text messages for a long period of time.

The study also says that 41 percent of the youth keeps checking their cellphones hoping for replies for their text messages; this anxiousness is termed as Textaphrenia.

The survey observed that out of the 150 surveyed young adults, 129 had purchased plans to enjoy lower rates on text messages.

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