A Bite From This Tiny Tick Can Turn You Into A Vegetarian

Photo: CDC Public Image library

Planning to quit meat- Get a bite of this Tiny Tick for yourself

 Have you been planning to quit eating meat since quite some time? Has it been too difficult for you to get your hands off the juicy chicken piece even after being warned by your doctor?  Recent studies have revealed that a bite from a bug called Lone Star Tick can make you allergic to meat and would eventually remove it from your diet.

Photo: CDC Public Image library
Photo: CDC Public Image library

So far the doctors have not succeeded in finding a cure for the allergy. The only way to be in a good shape is to avoid the red meat. How does the bug work? Well the bug carries alpha gel which is recognized as a foreign body to the human immune system. There is no problem if it is one of the ingredients in the recipe of the dish as our guts can digest it with no problem at all. With the bite of the Lone Star bug, the gel enters the blood stream and is treated as a threat to the immune system. The immune system would release antibodies to combat the threat which would cause allergic reactions. The intensity of the reaction varies from person to person and the amount of meat consumed. Sometimes the allergic reaction can be very severe and cause choking and lack of breadth along with hives, swelling and vomiting. It is very important for patients suffering from the allergy to stay away from any food which contains alpha gel as it can cause severe implications.

CDC/Wikimedia Commons
CDC/Wikimedia Commons

Talking about good news, fish and poultry products are alpha gel-free which means there is no restriction to eating fish and eggs. The only thing to be avoided is mammal meat which is also called as red meat. Felt a lot of itch or swelling in different parts of the body after a non-vegetarian meal? You need to see a doctor.

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