Jesus Lizard That Runs On Water

Jesus Lizard
Steve Harbula/wikimedia

It would be a surprise for many people to know that there exist a species of lizards that can actually run on the surface of water. The name of the species is Basilisk Lizard, which is a skittish tree-dwelling lizard. When it is scared from any movement in its surrounding or wants to run away from any predator, it simply jumps into the water and runs across the surface of water.

Steve Harbula/wikimedia
Steve Harbula/wikimedia

Many researchers have tried to find out the reason behind this amazing capability of the lizard. Several experiments and studying of the lizard were conducted. At the end, it was concluded that, lizard is able to run across water because of the immense force it uses from its limbs. This movement of the lizard is performed in three stages which are- the slap, the stroke and the recovery.

During the slap stage, the lizard pulls its limbs up and moves them vertically downwards with immense speed. During the stroke stage, it used the power of its limbs to push itself across the water and in the last stage; it brings its limbs back to the starting point for repetition. All this happens at a great speed and that’s what keeps it above the water. The lizard usually does this only when it is scared; maybe the fear is what brings all the speed and power in the small creature.

These lizards are skilled to remain underwater for up to 30 minutes. While on the water surface, they can sprint at a speed of 1.5 meters per second and with this speed they can approximately over a distance of 4.5 meters before sinking.

Well, this little lizard is also known as ‘The Jesus Lizard’ as it is believed that Lord Jesus could walk on the water surface like this lizard.

No other creature possesses such capability. Thanks to the very well developed camera technologies that helped us to know the hidden reason, the magic behind this small creature does.

Video : National Geographic   Image Courtesy: Steve Harbula/wikimedia


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