Ordinary Miracle – A Fairy-Tale School in Russia

ordinary miracle

There’s a school in Russia that looks like a castle. It’s called the “Ordinary Miracle School.”


Ordinary Miracle may be the name for the new Secondary School no.5, Yoshkar-Ola, Russia. However, the school is not an ordinary one! It looks like all those classic fairy-tale schools that you get to see in different old English movies. And that’s exactly why it is so popular!

Sergey Mamaev built Ordinary Miracle, he is one of the most successful and powerful businessmen in Russia. Since he wanted to complete the dream of Tatiana, his wife, of teaching in a school where children would go with all their hearts, he came up with this thought. She couldn’t find any building good enough to attract the kids to education.

Therefore, to mold the young minds in Russia, Tatiana came up with the thought of an eye-catching design for the little kids – a school that looks like an amazing fairy-tale castle, which is well-equipped with kindergarten, elementary as well as middle schools, swimming pool, gym and cafeteria facilities!

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