A woman once woke up at her own funeral and was so shocked by it that she had a heart attack and died.

A Russian lady who had been declared dead woke up facing sorrowful mourners at her own funeral. The surprise of noticing where she was made her to experience a serious heart attack. Her distressed husband is scheduling to take legal action against the hospital.

Woman Dies of Heart Attack Caused by Shock of Waking Up at Her OWN Funeral

Fagilyu Mukhametzyanov, a 49-year-old lady, experienced a heart attack and fell down at her house in Kazan, Russia, a few days back. She was dashed to the hospital, however was declared dead before long after that.

Days later on, resting in her coffin at her own funeral, she woke up to see sorrowful mourners passing by, praying for her eternal soul. She began yelling after she recognized what was going on. She was right away dashed back to the hospital. However, the surprise was a great deal for her, and before long after that, she died for the ultimate time.

The lady’s 51-year-old spouse, Fagili Mukhametzyanov, narrated his wife’s last distressing moments: “Her eyes flapped. However she just lived for an additional 12 minutes in intensive care prior to her dying once more, this time permanently.”

Fagili states that he intends to take legal action against the hospital. “She was not lifeless when they assumed she was and they might have saved her,” he held. “I am extremely annoyed and would like answers.”

Minsalih Sahapov, a representative for the hospital, alleged that an inquiry would be performed into the issue.

Her last cause of demise was heart failure, in line with reports. Her “initial death” was as well heart-connected, an alleged heart attack.

This is not the initial time a funeral has taken an unanticipated twist. In current years, a man turned up breathing for his own funeral in Brazil and an untimely baby pronounced dead woke up ahead of his own funeral before dying soon after in Paraguay.