A Man Can Pass 2000-Volt Current Through His Body

A Man Can Pass 2000-Volt Current Through His Body

Even 20,000-Volt Current Doesn’t Harm This Battery Man!

This human sausage sizzler is going to make you scratch your head, just like the scientists are doing so to understand what he is made of! Meet Slavisa Pajkic, the Battery Man, who claims to be an insulator conductor as well as a heater because even 20,000-volt current doesn’t bother his body at all.

Slavisa Pajkic

Who is Slavisa Pajkic?

His videos on internet have gone viral and that’s one of the reasons why he has gained so much of popularity on social media. He is a 54 year old man, who powers a light bulb and cooks sausages with the help of the energy stored with in his body. You read it right – he does it ALL because of the energy in his body.

That’s not all – Pajkic has banged two Guinness World Records for bearing 20,000V and for heating a cup of water to 97C in just 1 minute and 37 seconds.

This man from Serbia states that he discovered his ‘powers’ when he was a teenager. Just when he was a 17 years old boy, he was working where he accidentally realized that the electricity could do absolutely nothing to him. During heavy rains, his colleagues created a metal fence, which somehow turned live and it was then when he realized that he had something in himself that needed showcase.

How does Slavisa Pajkic do what he claims to?

When you search for videos of Slavisa Pajkic, you see that he actually cooks sausages without the help of any microwave or stove; he does it with the help of his very own energy.

Even though it is a blessing to have such beautiful electricity bearing capacity, Pajkic admits that no doubt most of the people are glad to meet him, but they are afraid of even shaking hands with him.