Kinetic Sand

Kinetic Sand

Ever heard of Kinetic sand?

Kinetic Sand

It is made up of 98% sand and has PDMS as well as silicone dioxide. PDMS is mostly used as an anti-foaming agent. It is also found in the chicken McNuggets of McDonald’s, the famous fast food chain, and also, silly putty.

It is such a wonderful feeling to have a squeezy  and smooshy silly putty right on your palm. But what exactly happens when you put the active ingredient into sand, which is ‘just another favorite pastime of most of the kids around the globe?

It is what Delta, a company in Sweden, was inquisitive to know about; thus, it found about it in its latest invention, The DeltaSand.

The DeltaSand is marketed as The Kinetic Sand; it is a 3D (three-dimensional) building toy, which can be used by different age groups. You can slip your fingers through this sand, but the good part is that it is able to sustain the shape when you make it out of it. Thus, no matter how much your child plays with it, in the end, you know that he is able to self-develop his creativity.

The Kinetic Sand can not only be molded and twisted according to the moves and grooves of your fingers, but can also be cut, squeezed and spread. If you want to sculpt something out of it, just prepare the image in your mind and use your fingers to build it out of this sand.

Gone is the time of sand castles that got washed away by the ocean water, now is the time to decorate your house with little miniatures or masterpieces made by the small fingers and tiny hands of your kids.

H/T : dailymail

Image and Video Courtesy: WABA Fun

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