A “Meat Shower” that took place in 1876 in Kentucky

Kentucky Meat Shower
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In 1876, there was a mysterious shower of meat that rained down from the sky for several minutes on a Kentucky town. It is now known as the Kentucky Meat Shower.

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It was the date of 3rd March, 1876 and people who are staying in Olympia Springs, Bath County, Kentucky faced a very abnormal incident in which the sky was filled up with red meats and everything was falling down from there.
These showers of red meat made the headline of the New York Times and some other tabloids. The meat shower continued for several minutes and it was only happening in an area of 100 by 50 yards approximately.

People reported that it was a shower of beef, but two of them reportedly tested and they said that it was like venison, lamb or mutton.

Further, the meat was tested by the Newark Scientific Association and they reported that it tasted somewhat like a human infant or a horse meat. When further tests were carried out, it revealed that it contained cartilage and muscle tissue.

There were several words coming up from every tongue, but soon a buzzards’ pack came and started feeding on that horse meat; and they were everywhere within the 100 by 50 yards. It started with one bird and the whole pack started doing the same.

A funny explanation came from one of the residents that “It was some kind of cosmic meat that moves around the space and they started dropping like meteorites!” A very strange event indeed.

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