Interesting Things About Google You Need to Know.

Interesting Things About Google
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Google is one of the world’s best search engine which definitely is not wrong. A simple and clean home page of Google is very interesting.

Some of the wonderful tricks about Google are :

1. Home Page of your own name

If you are bored by the same homepage of Google and you want to see a homepage with your name, then goto Goglogo. Enter your name and click on create my search page now.


2. Guitar on Google

The guitar “doodle” was made in the honor of Guitar genius Les Paul. Go here then you can play a guitar as well as record it.

Thomas Faivre-Duboz/wikimedia
Thomas Faivre-Duboz/wikimedia


3. Google against gravity

If you type “Google gravity” on search engine, all the content of your pages will fall down due to the effect of gravity.
Opposite to it , if you type “Google space” on your search engine, all the contents will fly. Dragging these by mouse is very interesting.

4. Google for others
If you want to Google something for others, you have to type “Let Me Google That For you”. After typing this, whatever you search can be mailed to your friends.

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Interesting Things About Google

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Interesting Things About Google

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